Because some people were worried about Parrahub being too small it now is 300m x 336 high with each of the 5376 units being 600m2 with fresh air being drawn in.

The extra commercial space would cover the strata fees and some retirees may run a B&B to cover the $2m purchase cost.

Some of the 20,000 parking spaces would be used by residents/workers with commuters using the remainder and because it has four 10m wide boomgate free ramps leading to Church, Boundary, Inkermann and Landsdown it would not cause any traffic problems.   

When a metro is connected to Sydney CBD and the proven 600km/h Japanese maglev is connected to Canberra it will be arguably the best value in Sydney.

Safest building in the world with every unit having a fire escape between them and a continuous balcony every floor.

Gym, Church, Convenience store, Doctor, Specialist, Government departments, Banks, Swimming pool, Chemist, Restaurant, Movies, Security, Pre school, Club, Courtesy bus.

Eventually when greater Sydney is a megacity with Parrahub the CBD the stand alone 100 km/h metro rail lines could radiate from the base of the carpark connecting areas within Wollongong, Lithgow and Newcastle to the base of the carpark.

By having the Japanese maglev in a single tunnel there can be exhaust valves on the 10 launch shafts to allow the air pressure to be only 11psi (8,000 feet) which should reduce the tunnel resistance allowing it to go even faster.

This hardrock TBM did 10 kilometres in 5 years so with 20 TBM a Japanese maglev could be running in the same time.

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Parrahub can be viewed in Sketchup3D here: ... 765e7222c6